Your meals will be delivered in a refrigerated container. This type of packaging keeps your meals staying fresh without your food having to be frozen, so you’re ready to eat it upon arrival.
Depending on the meal plan you have enrolled in the number of meals will vary, this information will be provided by the account manager upon subscription.
Chilled bags should be returned back to the driver once the next day chilled bag is received.
Microwave: The meals are packaged in microwave safe containers which can be warmed in 2-3 minutes on high microwave setting. However, it is recommended to always place food in a glass or ceramic container when heating.

Conventional Oven: Transfer your meal to an oven safe dish and heat for 15 minutes at 350 degrees or until desired temperature is reached.
All our ingredients are natural, and we use the highest quality.
Yes! Call us at +971 50 448 4220 for any modifications. We can eliminate any dislikes within a meal and replace it with another ingredient. In addition, we can accommodate a variety of customizations based on the amounts of carbs, proteins, and fats which you need for your program.


Delivery time is between 7-10 PM and will remain consistent with the time of the first delivery.
Upon receiving your delivery, refrigerate your meals packs as soon as possible to use them for the next day.
Yes, if you let us know 2 days in advance we can accommodate your request free of charge, the maximum number of days that a member can maintain on hold is 2 weeks. Exceeding this period may induce no refunds to membership cancelation.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription, and a 25% admin fee will be charged on the refunded amount.
There is no delivery charge, and it is for free.


You will be billed once you place an order. Payment can be done online through our website or paying cash once you receive your first order.
The minimum period for subscription is 1 Week.